Worldwide utility is what the SafeBTC team has been planning. We are excited to announce that SafeBTC is now integrated with CoinPayments, which allows our community to have the ability to spend their SafeBTC amongst 2.3 million merchants and users. These 2.3 million merchants and users are spread across 182…

The SafeBTC team has listened to all requests made from our community.

In honor of the community wanting a CEX listing, we have followed requests and have pursued them!

We are now listed on Digifinex, IndoEx, and are in talks with more.

As our community has realized, we have been…

In only 3 weeks after launching, we have accomplished:

  • $20m+ market cap
  • 50,000+ holders
  • $150K a day in redistribution
  • Nationwide marketing campaign
  • Roadmap and whitepaper overhaul
  • Youtube videos supporting SafeBTC and more

We, on the SafeBTC team, are very happy about how excited all of you are to become a…

After many discussions and group decisions, SafeBTC has chosen to officially adopt a Fintech/Blockchain visual identity!

We wanted to disrupt the status quo and set ourselves apart from ordinary DeFi tokens that pop out everyday.

Here you can see a preview:


All our channels, communities and socials will be…

We are the beginning of the financial freedom revolution.

SAFEBTC — The digital currency that powers our global community of SafeBTC holders.

SAFEBTC is a community deflationary token where all holders have the ability to generate passive income due to the tokenomics of a 4% tax (slippage) that needs to…


SafeBitcoin — A digital currency, integrating real-world utility, while also rewarding holders. #SafeBitcoin #SafeBank

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