SafeBank: The Premiere Cryptocurrency Banking Feature of the SafeBitcoin Ecosystem

4 min readJul 1, 2021

Here at SafeBTC Holding Corporation, our long term goal is to be known as the standard for cryptocurrency banking using the power of our ever growing SafeBTC ecosystem. Our upcoming Dapp utility, SafeBank, will be deployed as part of that ecosystem and will be the chief driving force for accomplishing that goal.

SafeBank is the initial cryptocurrency banking feature that we’re implementing for investors who want powerful tools that give them more finite control over their investment. It’s a new Dapp from SafeBitcoin. Our long term goal is to bring greater fundamental value to the SafeBTC token and ultimately shift the global mindset of potential investors in a direction that is centered on expansive passive income potential while giving them more control over their investment.

While we continue to push for the goal of making SafeBitcoin one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world, we strive for introducing even more value through fundamentals. This is why the SafeBank branch of our ecosystem combines the immediate passive income of yield reflection from standard tokenomics with the long term high yield passive income of farming a new token with its own DeFi rewards.

SafeBank is just the beginning of a larger roadmap. Future development will include SafeBank Lending, a SafeBitcoin mobile wallet, a specialized SafeBitcoin exchange app, and a SafeBitcoin Visa Card. All of these pieces encapsulate the essence of our vision to build a powerful ecosystem where investors safely and productively control their own passive income.

We want SafeBank to be like a bank but with greater benefits that can only be possible with cryptocurrency for investors but more importantly, we want it to be a better “bank” than run-of-the-mill fiat banks. Fiat based banks around the world enforce long lock periods for money that is put into their savings accounts or CDs. While these do yield some interest, their annual percentage yield is often negligible.

Comparatively, SafeBank brings similar yielded interest in the form of “farming” by staking SafeBTC LP but with exponentially higher APY. When any amount of SafeBTC LP is staked for the farming of SafeBank tokens, a significantly higher and stable APY is applied but without enforcing unnecessarily long locked durations. This means that investors can choose their own staking period and ultimately keep full control of their passive income.

In addition to receiving SafeBank tokens as the SafeBTC LP farming rewards, each transaction of the SafeBank token on BEP-20 or ERC-20 will reward holders with a percentage of a stable USD coin as part of its own tokenomics model.

The passive income potential of the SafeBitcoin ecosystem comes from three main sources: SafeBTC tokenomics, SafeBTC LP (farming SafeBank tokens), and SafeBank tokenomics. We’re serious about building a powerful ecosystem where investors think “passive earning”, “cryptocurrency banking”, and “high yield farming” when they hear or see the SafeBTC, SafeBitcoin, or SafeBank brand names.

We’re excited to bring this new feature utility to all current and future investors. Our installment of SafeBTC on both the Binance and Ethereum networks puts SafeBank in a perfect position for widespread adoption upon release.

SafeBank is a feature utility being deployed as a part of the SafeBitcoin ecosystem.

* The terms “SafeBTC” and “SafeBitcoin” are interchangeable. SafeBitcoin is the extended title used to represent SafeBTC and is also used as the domain for the corporation’s web address —


  • SafeBank is a Dapp that will be deployed as part of the SafeBitcoin ecosystem.
  • SafeBank (the token) is a specialized token available on the Binance (BNB/BEP-20) and Ethereum (ETH/ERC-20) networks.
  • SafeBank (the token) is the token that will be farmed at a high APY by staking the SafeBTC LP.
  • SafeBank will be the premiere token used for the future SafeBank lending platform.
  • The SafeBank lending platform will be developed as a part of the SafeBank Dapp.
  • SafeBTC is, and will remain, the main token of the SafeBitcoin ecosystem.
  • SafeBTC LP is the liquidity pool used for staking.
  • SafeBTC LP can ONLY be generated through the SafeBank Dapp using SafeBTC tokens purchased on PancakeSwap or Uniswap.
  • When staking SafeBTC LP, we retain a 1% stake/unstake fee that goes toward further development.
  • SafeBTC’s planned ecosystem consists of the following branches:


SafeBitcoin (mobile app branch)
- SafeBTC DeFi Tokenomics *LIVE: Completed March 2021
- Wallet
- Exchange
- Credit Card: SafeBank (Dapp branch)
- SafeBTC LP generation *Release in progress
- SafeBTC LP farming for SafeBank tokens *Release in progress
- SafeBank (the token) DeFi Tokenomics *Release in progress
- SafeBank lending platform





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